ferienwohnungen ciovo, privatunterkunft

Privatunterkunft in Insel Ciovo - saison 2024!

Ferienwohnungen  Ciovo, Kroatien - Ferienhaüser und Ferienwohnungen in insel Ciovo, Kroatien - Große Auswahl mit Gästekommentar!

Tauchen - Insel Ciovo, Trogir
There are more then 30 diving locations just 15-80 minutes of driving by boat from Okrug Gornji in Ciovo.

These are at the same time best locations in the area of central Dalmatia, including islands of Solta, Veliki Drvenik, Mali Drvenik, Orud, etc.

During your dives you will be able to enyoj colour rich gorgonia walls stuffed with corals, caves and see shipwrecks. All between the flora and fauna of a crystal clear sea.



Tauchen in Ciovo
Tauchen - Insel Ciovo
In one of the diving schools in Trogir and Ciovo, you can rent equipment, and also learn how to dive from professional licensed divers, and with their lead make your first dive.


Ronilačka škola - Diving center
St. Fumija-Pod Luku 1
Tel/fax: +385 (0)21 886 299