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From a rich tradition of Croatian and Dalmatina cuisine, here are just few typical dishes:

Pasticada is an ancient Dalmatian specialty which originates from Greek and Roman cuisine.

This meal has been served on a reach mans tables in old Venice Republic, and for a long time has been key traditional meal of Dalmatian gastronomy.

It is rather dificult to prepare, takes aproximatelly 2 days od cooking and the meat has to be marinated. Pasticada is part of the gastronomical legacy of Croatia.



The meals baked under "Peka" have authentic Dalmatian taste. "Peka" has been made from iron from ancient days. Rules for preparing generally are: It is important to light a fire from a quality wood, and let it burn to the embers.

The food has to be put in a dish on a flat surface which is warm, and iron "peka" isput over it. Slowly, the embers are put over "peka" gradually over time.

The light embers should burn for about hour and a half, in that time most of the meals will be ready.

Altough it look like easy job, to bake a good "peka" is not that easy. What makes the "peka" special is that the food is cooked and baked at the same time. It is mostly used to prepare a veal, lamb or octopussy with potatoes.


Traditional Croatian meal, and it can be said that it is certainly most popular. It is prepared from young lamb which is baked. Usually served with potatoes and young onions.

The baked lamb is usual main meal at weddings and all kinds of celebrations where a lot of people meet.

Average price is about 200kn per kilo of baked lamb.





Wine from Peljesac
Domestic Dalmatian wines, specailly red, are among most quality wines in Mediteranean.

During last years, traditional wine making families are getting great results by respecting tradition, and making a benefit out of a perfect mix of climate and nature near the sea and under the sun.

Start by trying some of the red wines from peninsula Peljesac ("Plavac Mali" type). There are also very good wines from Island of Hvar, and from white wines try "Pošip".

Domestic people traditionally drink white wines at summer time mixed with water ("bevanda") or with mineral water ("gemist")


Restaurants on Ciovo and in Trogir

Grilled fish
Grilled fish
In most of the traditional Dalmatian restaurants ("konoba") in Trogir and Ciovo, you can find typical Dalmatian meals such as Pasticada, "Peka" (veal, pork, octopussy), baked lamb, salad from octopussy, black risotto out of cuttlefish etc.

Fried squids are always popular, and also quality grilled fish from Adriatic (dentex, snapper, sea bass, sea bream, amberjack, grouper etc.)

Domestic chefs are true masters to prepare quality fish on grill which is usually served with cooked potatoes or mangel etc.



Be sure to ask for a domestic olive oil with a served fish, put it a lot !! Do not forget a glass of red wine.

There is a saying in Dalmatia; the fish has to swim 3 times, first in the sea, than in the oil (in plate), and third in the wine (in stomach) !!!

It is important to mention that quality fish (sea bass or sea bream) can be "wild" - caugt in the sea, or farmed. Farmed fish has a more percentage of fat in it, this can be hard to recognise sometimes.



Diferent kind of sea shells (warty, oysters, mussels) are extraordinary tasty if they are fresh, and are prepared with spagetti or with sauce.

Crabs from the deep sea of Adriatic - lobsters - make a top of the gastro offer - in some places for a guests with a deeper pocket.

Domestic prsciutto and cheese are usually served for starters, and for a desert choose between cheese cake, panacotta, tiramisu or Dalmatian rozata.


Here are some aproximate prices of some meals in restaurants in Trogir and Ciovo:

Mixed meat .. 80kn
Octopus under "peka" ………………….. 1 kg od 150,00 kn
Veal under "peka"………………1 kg od 150,00 kn
Black risotto out of cuttlefish …………………………..25 dag od 60,00 kn
Cooked grouper with vegetables …………………25 dag od 70,00 kn
Plate for 2 persons (mixed fish from grill, cooked potato)……. 1 kg od 180,00 kn
Fish spread………………………….15 dag od 30,00 kn 
Grilled lamb ………………… 1 kg od 140,00 kn
Ćevapčići …………………..20 dag od 35,00 kn
Sea bass on grill …..1 kg od 150,00 kn
Gambori grilled …………1 kg od 300,00 kn
Risotto / Spagetti …………… od 70,00 kn
Beefstake ……………………….od 120,00 kn